Spring and Summer:

Vegetables - 
(From hives here on the Farm)
 Eggs- Monday- Saturday

Fall and Winter
Wood- from the farm stand -
$15.00 per square 
Campfire Wood-$5.00
Honey 16oz,-11.00
              32 oz.-20.00

Meat (Year Round)

USDA Certified Local Beef  -

New price/cut sheets also available at our farm stand

Beef Pricing
     Beef Prices             CutsAmount/ lb.

Bottom Round Roast               10.00
Brisket                                      6.50
Chuck Steak                             8.50
Chuck Roast                             7.50
Eye Round Roast                      9.00
Flap Meat                                  11.50
   Flank Steak                            10.50
Ground Beef                             6.00
Hanging Tenderloin                 20.00
Kabob Meat                              10.00
London Broil                           9.00
N.Y. Sirloin                              16.50
Porterhouse Steak (N/A)         16.00              
 Rib Roast (3 Bone in)              15.00
Rib Eye Steak                         16.00
Shank                                      11.00
Sirloin Tips (N/A)                 12.00
Short Ribs                              6.50
Stew Meat                              9.00
Sirloin Strip Steak                  12.50
   Tenderloin                                    20.00                                
Top Round Steak                     7.50
Top Round Roast                     8.50
T-Bone                                       12.00

Organ Meat and Bones
Liver 4.50
Heart 6.50
Tongue 4.00
Dog Bones 3.00
Leaf Fat3.25

***Pork now available​!!!
Breakfast Sausage                 $5.00lb
Sweet Italian Sausage          $5.00lb
Pork Loin Chops                    $7.00lb
Fresh (uncured) Ham Steak $6.00lb
Country Style Pork Ribs        $6.00lb
Reg, Ribs                                   $5.00lb

 Year Round

  Eggs 1 dozen-$4.50

**Available-       Monday-Saturday

USDA Beef 

Available year round

Call for availability

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